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GoL. What is it?

GaksetOnLine is a portal aimed to help you in research and selection of industrial gaskets to be utilized in plants and machinery, covering a wide range of sectors. GasketOnLine is a trademark of Manifattura Guarnizioni COLOMBO & C. spa. GasketOnLine is an intuitive product that grant you a fast research through an exclusive database. GasketOnLine originates from the exigence of the maintenance operators to find suitable products among a wide range of international coding that sometimes cannot be easily interpreted. GasketOnLine is the solution that Manifattura Guarnizioni COLOMBO offers to their customers - and thought the web site to anyone in the world - to several sealing-problems. Manifattura Guarnizioni Colombo & c spa will issue all the invoices of the selected material, as owner of GasketOnLine TradeMark . 

GoL.  Who's needing it

GasketOnLine has been projected for operators invoived in distribution, but that's an intuitive product with a great research and selection potential that allows any mainteinance operator to find the articles he's interested in. GasketOnLine, thanks to the exclusive GMS-Global Maintenance Service, it's an innovative reference point in the managing of orders and enquiries: a protected access grants our customers to match our software and find - also using their own internal codes - any available material or to verify deliveries and outstanding orders. 

GOL How to buy

GasketOnLine is at any registered customer's disposal and also useful for fast e-commerce. The user, after selecting and confirming articles, is addressed to the protected area reserved to credit card payment. Delivery of the goods will be made following the sales conditions showed in the dedicated area.

is a trademark of
Manifattura guarnizioni Colombo & C. s.p.a P.I. 02385600164]