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Company Profile

Company profile

The company “Manifattura Guarnizioni Colombo & C. Spa” was founded in 1911 and produces gaskets for machinery and plants of every sort. The attention to technical innovation and the high quality of its products have always been to the fore. The company has always been the point of reference for consultancy regarding production, plants and maintenance.

Companies belonging to the chemical, electric, nuclear, naval, alimentary, iron and steel, transport and industrial field are included in its vast number of customers.

Since its foundation it has stood out for the technological innovations in the field of sealing rings and  for the steady research of state-of-the-art production methodologies.This entrepreneurial philosophy still continues today, opened to new perspectives, and allows “Manifattura Guarnizioni Colombo”  to consolidate its leadership in the field by granting and promoting:

- Tradition

- Research

- Innovation 

Production department

The company lies in a 7000 m² building including different production departments, such as:

- die-cutting and manual or automatic shearing department

- computerized water-jet cutting department

- spiral-wound gaskets production department

- packings production department

- metal and mould machining department

- plastic materials turning department

- rubber machining department

The company “Manifattura Guarnizioni Colombo” has also a vast warehouse storing  semi-finished and finished products. Perfectly managed, it is able to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. The wide equipment, consisting of over 20.000 moulds for the production of rubber items, allows the company to face every need and to offer solutions to the most varied sealing problems.Colombo company is certified ISO 9001:2000 and is characterised by a quality control system for which the planning and the control over every working step, together with a careful selection of the materials through laboratory and functional tests, are to the fore. 


The whole range “Guarnizioni ammiragliato” includes:

- Plates for asbestos-free gaskets, Benzovet, Superkev, Carbo Fiber, HF marked; plates in pure graphite with or without metallic reinforcement, Cograf marked.

- A wide range of packings and braided packings with the most famous brands, such as Carbo 75, Top Graf, Gra 9000, HT, Carbo pack and Energy for the packings produced with graphite and carbon yarns; marks such as Dragocer for the glass fibre packings and Dragovet for the ceramic fibre packings, armed and not armed. The series 2555 and 2800 for special packings in aramidic fibre; the series Sint and New Star manufactured with synthetic yarns, the wide range of productions in natural cotton, linen, hemp yarns etc. represented by the packings marked Turbosol, Cottonal, Plata, Triplex, Bimetallica etc. and other items created expressly for special applications.

- Superflex Spiral-wound gaskets and metal plastic gaskets produced with an ample choice of metals and non-conducting materials.

- O-rings and rubber gaskets complying with drawings, with the most common elastomers (SBR, EPDM, CR, NBR, HNBR etc.) and the most valuable materials (VKM, FKM, FFKM etc.)

- Gaskets in rubber, PTFE, polyurethane and other plastic materials for oil dynamic application such as rod-piston sealing collars, wipers, caps, membranes and oil sealing rings marked with our registered trademark Oleolite®.

- Special gaskets in cotton fabric-NBR with the trademark Tenax® for medium and high pressure oil dynamic applications. -

-A wide range of PTFE and mixed PTFE gaskets complying with drawings - With the trademark Starflon® we produce special anti-acid seals used in industrial processing with severe working conditions.

- We supply a whole range of gaskets aimed at “boiler service”, especially used by heating plants maintenance men. 

Distributive network

As regards our distribution network, our sales agents are present all over Italy, granting a prompt collaboration for the solution of specific problems and a constant pre- and post-sale assistance.



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